Apply for the Fox Executive Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA)

When you apply to the Fox Executive DBA program, the Admissions Committee considers a number of factors – professional experience, ability to communicate in the classroom, unique skills and more.

Basic Application Requirements Include:

  • Completed Application
  • A non-refundable $100 application fee
  • Current Resume
  • Two required essays
  • Two letters of recommendation

** Please note that submitting your GMAT scores and salary are optional.  Official college transcripts are NOT required when you submit your application for the DBA program.

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The application for the Fall 2020 cohort is now available.

Ideal Candidates

Applicants should have at least 12 years of management experience, with at least 7 at the senior management or executive level. Applicants should hold an MBA or other relevant, business-focused Master’s degree. Exceptional applicants with a Bachelor’s degree, but with substantial managerial experience, will also be considered.

Application Process

Transcripts & Resume

Applicants should submit transcripts from all previously attended institutions of higher education as well as a current resume that highlights their professional experience and education.

Letters of Recommendation

In addition, all applicants should submit two letters of recommendation that attest to the their demonstrated leadership, academic potential and ability to think critically.

Admissions Essays

Applicants must also submit two essays. The first essay should address the applicant’s goals and motivations for pursuing the Executive DBA degree, as well as detail his or her general areas of research interest. The second essay should describe the applicant’s plans to balance the time commitment required of the program (about 15 hours per week) with their work schedule and other demands.

Standardized Test Scores

Because of the nature of the Executive DBA and the level of experience required of applicants, the GMAT or GRE is not required. Applicants may submit standardized test scores if they choose.


Candidates may be interviewed after submission of application. Interviews may occur in person or through video conference.  If an interview is scheduled, on-site interviews are strongly recommended so that applicants can visit Temple University and the Fox School to tour the facilities and meet the Executive DBA faculty.


The three year cost of the program, which includes tuition, lodging,  and most meals is $124,200 for the Fall 2017 cohort. In addition, students are responsible for travel to and from the required on-campus residences as well as additional University fees. University fees are based on a variety of factors; for more information on the breakdown please visit: Bursar’s Website.

Application Deadline

Admission decisions will be made on a rolling basis throughout the year. The deadline for application to the program is June 30. However, students are highly encouraged to apply early, as the size of each cohort is limited. Once the cohort is full, no additional students will be accepted into the program for the current year. Students who are not accepted in a given year may reapply in future years.

Admissions decisions will be made within 30 days of the student’s received application and completed interview. Upon notification of acceptance into the program, a student will have 30 days to enroll and remit their security deposit in order to hold their place in the cohort.

Selection Process

Fox School Executive DBA applications will be reviewed by a selection committee comprised of Fox faculty and the directors of the program.

Prospective students will be contacted for an interview with program directors based on meeting criteria that include:

  • Relevant managerial experience, including senior positions and demonstrated leadership skills
  • Capacity for thinking critically and for conducting applied scholarship
  • Compatibility of professional goals with the program’s objectives
  • Motivation for pursuing the Fox School’s EDBA degree and time-commitment balance

Candidates selected for an interviewed will meet with select members of the selection committee. Interviews will be conducted electronically via WebEx, but local candidates are encouraged to schedule in-person interviews.

The size of each EDBA cohort will be approximately 20 to 25 students.

International Applicants

The Executive Doctorate in Business Program accepts applications from international prospective students. The application process is the same for international applicants as it is for domestic applications, with the addition of proof of an F-1 or J-1 Visa.

International applicants should contact International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) at Temple University with any questions pertaining to visas or international travel.