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Date: April 11, 2020
Time: 9:00 am to 10:00 am
Location: Online via zoom
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You might see a business opportunity moving you to take steps to start a business or you might find yourself in a situation where you now have the time needed to research a potential business startup. Regardless of your situation, maintaining and enhancing your credit score will strengthen your ability to secure the funding that you might need to start your business. This webinar is designed to provide information that will help you:
1) Learn how to read a credit report and interpret the results
2) Understand the different credit rating agencies credit score methodology and to resolve incorrect items on your credit report
3) Understand which factors impact a credit score and the significance of each factor
4) Debunk some of the myths about credit scores
5) Understand steps that you can take to resolve credit card debt, judgments and medical bills
6) Understand how to measure the real cost of credit by learning how to calculate your APR
7) Learn how to avoid scams from predatory lenders
8) Gain insight about managing your household cashflow and credit during a short-term household income disruption
9) Learn how banks and SBA use credit to make decisions about business financing
10) Learn about the no-cost SBA resources available to help you open your business from your SBDC, SCORE and WBC’s.

Meeting URL: https://kutztown.zoom.us/j/250875641

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