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Date: March 22, 2022
Time: 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm
Location: Online
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Join us to experience a sample class in “Leading Organization Change”!

Join the Fox School of Business for an opportunity to preview a graduate class and our interactive online classroom experience. Dr. John McClendon, Associate Professor and Department Chair of Human Resource Management, will cover human resource management strategies.

More and more, increased competiveness resulting from the forces of technological innovation, globalization, and regulation requires organizations to change at much higher rates than ever before. The recent challenges associated with the pandemic and its impact on the workplace have enhanced the importance of change as an element of organizational behavior. As such, leading change has become a fundamental competency; one that is becoming an increasingly important component to a professional’s personal career strategy. 

Ultimately, leading change is about building an organizational culture that aligns with the organization’s strategic effort achieve competitive advantage. While no one questions the importance of change, managing change can represent a daunting task that frequently yields disappointing results. In this session we will discuss why employees resist change, identify some of the keys to implementing effective change, and explore how coping with change is a key personal competency central to a personal career strategy. In doing so, we emphasize how an organization aligns its systems to foster a culture of high performance, one that can lead to sustainable competitive advantage.

After the sample class, prospective students may join the admissions team for a Q&A session on any of our programs and the application process.