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Date: January 26, 2021
Time: 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm
Location: Online via Remo
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Innovation is not new. What is new is the accelerated pace of change, making innovation critical for business success. Innovation generates 2 trillion hits in a web search, which highlights its importance, but may also suggest the word has become overused. Clearly, innovation means many things to different people, but it does not mean everything. This has created some unique challenges for those of us pursuing careers in innovation. But there is hope.

Innovation is now increasingly being recognized as a unique business discipline that drives value, impact and growth. As innovation professionals, we have an opportunity to design careers by understanding innovation objectives, accountability, culture and innovator archetypes, as well as what inspires you. By designing our careers and clarifying innovation for our organizations and peers, we make a world of difference.

Lubab Sheet-Davis has worked in innovation for 20 years, as an entrepreneur, matchmaker and catalyst. She was an early e-commerce pioneer and Cofounder of SemiSales.com where she learned the importance of T-shaped leadership, domain expertise and customer focus. As a matchmaker at a global industry association, SEMI, she uncovered ways to bring together emerging start-ups with established industry players and learned the importance of credibility and collaboration for speed and scale. As the leader of Strategy & Innovation (aka SIN) at Lam Research, an $11B corporation, her team has built a portfolio of internal and open innovation programs and events designed to unlock the potential of our employees and drive value for the company and customers. Join us to hear her perspectives on how to propel a successful career in innovation.


Innovation and adaptation have become imperatives for today’s companies and entrepreneurs, but what does that mean in practice? The Innovation Leaders Speaker Series features thought leaders who have successfully put innovative and entrepreneurial principles into practice at organizations of all sizes and industries. ILSS creates a community of shared knowledge among corporate professionals, technologists, entrepreneurs, our partners and the Temple community. Presented in partnership by the Fox School of Business at Temple University, the Product Development and Management Association, and the Innovation Research Interchange.

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