Council Members and Subcommittee Assignments

The DEI Council’s members are dedicated to moving toward a more inclusive and equitable community at Fox and STHM. Below are the council’s members and their respective subcommittee assignments –

DEI Council Chairs
Patricia S. Terry

Academic Programs & Curriculum Subcommittee
Melissa Glenn-Fleming, Subcommittee Chair
Debra Blair
Sonni James

Assessment, Evaluation & Recognition Subcommittee
Kerry Slade, Subcommittee Chair
Dan Goldberg

Communications & Marketing Subcommittee
Dennis Paris, Subcommittee Chair
Brandon Evans
Anna Batt (Liaison to Fox MarComm Division)

Faculty Subcommittee
Tilan Tang, Subcommittee Chair
John Dormuth
Curtis Gregory
Min-Seok Pang
Abhishek Roy
Krupa Viswanathan

Staff & Operational Units Subcommittee
Kamina Richardson, Subcommittee Chair
Amanda Barber
Gavin Farber
Azaria Keys

Students Subcommittee
Elvita Quinones

Fox & STHM Student Representatives
Diamond Hunter – undergraduate student representative, Fox
Dané Simms – undergraduate student representative, Fox
Djavon Dupree – graduate student representative, STHM
Jordan Thomas – graduate student representative, STHM