Gain Real-World Experience with Fox School of Business

Whether you are a freshman wondering what would be the best future career for you or you are a senior preparing yourself into the workplace. As a Temple University student, you have the opportunity to gain real-world experience through the Fox School of Business Entrepreneurship and International Business Internship Program. Located within the Strategic Management Department, this program showcases overwhelming success stories and measurable results that give you The FOX Advantage – 88% of student interns were offered positions in their sponsoring companies in spring 2014. Entrepreneurship opportunities are available to all Temple University students.

There are four courses, one is IB3581 for the International Business Internship, the other three courses provide a sequence of Entrepreneurship internships:

  • SGM 3585 Incubator  Internship, learn as a part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • SGM 3685 work in a entrepreneurial  new venture as an undergraduate student, helping students understand new value for the organization they are working with.
  • SGM 5182 work in a entrepreneurial  new venture as a graduate student.

Develop the Three C’s: Context, Credibility and Confidence

The Internship Program prides itself on helping you to develop the three C’s: Context, Credibility and Confidence.

Graduate and undergraduate students benefit:

  • Growth in a professional context
  • Project focused internship experience
  • Understanding and applying work skills
  • Network of experienced professionals
  • Credible resume boost
  • Course credit and/or salary
  • Job opportunities

Increasing your skills and experience will give you the confidence to tackle most tasks from your employer or within your own business.

In 21st century work environments, the new capital is knowledge. For this reason, it is essential to create knowledge in order to sustain one’s ability to contribute to organizations.

The knowledge economy, in which all workers have access to unlimited data and information, demands that individuals be able to translate that data and information into a relevant knowledge base. This is a critical skill that enables the knowledge to direct and define action plans that will produce results. This knowledge work activity is represented in the Knowledge Pyramid.

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