This program is meant to prepare interns for the knowledge work required to enable project work that creates new value for sponsoring companies. The program includes the following topics and concepts:

1. Industries and Their Personalities

  • Different Industries
  • Market, Customers, Cultural dimensions

2. Project You, Your Network, and Your Brand

  • Strengths and interests, your technology, your passion, your mode of work
  • Your ideal work setting
  • Building Your Brand with Knowledge Work

3. A Project Approach – Knowledge Work

  • Objective
  • Desired Result
  • Current State
  • Gap
  • Stakeholders
  • Implementation steps
  • Milestones and metrics
  • Resources needed and available
  • Timeline planning
  • Communications planning

4. You as an Asset: Building Your Brand

  • TU and Fox
  • Your Sponsoring Company
  • You as an asset
  • Where you are today