Entrepreneurship and International Business Internships

The internship program is designed to provide experiential learning to students and create new value for sponsoring companies.  Students will apply what they have learned in the classroom to a project to be implemented within a thriving business, a start-up, or international environment.

Students will engage a business owner or manager in defining a project for mutual benefit and learning.  This project includes 100 hours of work, directed by an objective, a goal, and a workplan to implement work towards achieving that goal.

Further, the project will be supervised by the business supervisor and will be implemented by the student.  The project will acquaint the students with the entrepreneurial and/or international mindset and lifestyle.  It will also create new value for the sponsoring company.

Sponsoring companies will:

  • Define a project to be completed that will bring new value to the business, including project area of focus, objective, goal, and desired result of the project.
  • Attend an orientation session to get acquainted with the intern project-mode of work.
  • Appoint a supervisor to monitor and support the intern during his/her project work, specifically holding regular check-ins.
  • Evaluate the intern’s work on the project at the end of the internship.
  • Consider the intern for further work.

Interns will:

  • Seek to understand a company’s profile, including industry, market, customers, and culture.
  • Define a full project plan to create new value for the sponsoring company in the context of that profile.
  • Coordinate with the company supervisor to confirm project work towards milestones and metrics in regularly scheduled meetings to monitor progress toward the desired result.
  • Attend support sessions at Temple University.
  • Understand and practice knowledge work skills and business protocols that facilitate progress toward the project goal. Knowledge work skills include autonomy, asset thinking, task/results orientation, quality before quantity consideration, and continuous evaluation and learning.

The expected result of this internship program is that students get real-time business experience and a network connection that has the potential of offering more project work or continued employment.

Companies benefit in that they can use valuable intern resources to work on their business needs to ensure new value created. They also get insights into a potential employee prior to making a job offer.

If interested, please contact Jane Hartman Frankel, janehf@temple.edu, to explore your intern needs.