For Prospective Students

Considering a career as a data scientist or statistician? Learn more about the field with our FAQs, media recommendations and more.

Frequently Asked Questions about Statistical Science and Data Analytics

A recent Best Jobs list compiled by CareerCast ranks data scientist as No. 1 and statistician as No. 2. in the list of best jobs with high demand. The demand for statisticians is skyrocketing, driven by a proliferation of computing technology, software and statistical tools. Capturing and interpreting the substantial volume of data available at the enterprise, government and personal levels will keep statisticians occupied for decades.

Yes, students in the SSDA major learn problem solving and programming in Python, R and SAS statistical software.

Yes, the SSDA major’s student professional organization, TUAMSTAT, is a recognized American Statistical Association Student Chapter. Our student teams have won first place in the Deloitte Federal Technology Case Competition, the PWC Challenge Case Competition and the Target Case Competition, to name a few.

Media Recommendations

Moneyball (2011)
A Beautiful Mind (2001)

A Brief Data Visualization by Hans Rosling

Everydata, Johnson and Gluck