Healthcare Risk Management Major

Healthcare is a multi-billion dollar industry in the Philadelphia region, providing an ideal setting for the Temple Healthcare Management Programs. Healthcare providers, health insurance plans, suppliers, and other related businesses are the largest employers of our graduates. The Department of Risk, Insurance and Healthcare Management has long-standing relations with area health insurers and risk management departments of area health providers which have facilitated internships and employment for Temple undergraduates. The Healthcare Risk Management Option within the major addresses a distinct niche in the employment market by shortening the on-the-job learning time required for new graduates to become productive employees in the health insurance industry and healthcare risk management related employment.
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Health Systems Management Minor

The minor in Healthcare Systems Management is provided primarily for business majors interested in acquiring value-added skills sought by prospective employers. It is also useful for anyone pursuing education in public health, allied health, nursing, social work, psychology, or others who foresee future employment in health care, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, health insurance, or public health. The program addresses a distinct niche in the employment market by shortening the on-the-job learning time required for new graduates to become productive employees.

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MBA in Health Sector Management

The Fox School of Business MBA in Health Sector Management concentration improves the structure, workings, delivery, and outcomes of health sector systems through the education of early and mid-career leaders, managers, and clinicians. The concentration provides educational opportunity with a special commitment to working students from the health sector, doing so by focusing upon a foundation of professional knowledge and the development of conceptual, analytical, technical, and ethical skills and related competencies that are required to lead, manage, and transform healthcare delivery systems and structures with sound reasoning and integrity.

The program is designed to prepare both healthcare professionals, as well as those new to the field, for innovative leadership positions in the healthcare and related industries. It will also help you develop and improve your leadership skills to manage and lead healthcare management organizations in our rapidly changing healthcare environment. The degree is designed for those seeking a career change to healthcare management or for those who want to elevate their healthcare careers to the next level by focusing on business acumen and organizational competencies.

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MHA Master of Health Administration

Healthcare management offers diverse, challenging, and rewarding career opportunities.

The management of healthcare organizations is different than general business management: Healthcare has its own culture, its own dynamics, and it involves a special passion and concern that makes it both intellectually fascinating and emotionally rewarding. This program prepares students to manage in this environment, understanding what it means to develop integrated delivery systems, manage healthcare risks, design systems to improve the quality of care, and respond to the special financing and marketing challenges in the healthcare environment. The MHA program is a flexible, part-time course of study designed for working healthcare professionals with 7 or more years of substantive work and supervisory experience.

Led by faculty members who possess real-world industry experience, the Fox MHA curriculum offers valuable, hands-on health sector knowledge that extends well beyond a generalized business degree. That’s because you’ll develop a personal learning path tailored to your skills by working one-on-one with faculty, peers, executive mentors, and the top-ranked Fox Center for Student Professional Development. Advance your expertise even further through complex challenges involving health system partners as well as a capstone project in which you’ll apply your knowledge and skills. Throughout the program, you’ll receive continual feedback on your growth in 8+ key areas of business competency, so you have the guidance you need to focus on your development. The Fox MHA is a powerful tool that helps you learn to navigate a rapidly-evolving industry–and equips you with the leadership and management skills specific to your success.

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