Marketing and Supply Chain Management (MSCM) faculty conduct research to understand, influence, and predict how firms create, communicate, and deliver value to customers, and how consumers perceive, process, choose, consume, and dispose of firms’ products and benefits. Recent faculty research reflects the impact of the growing interactivity of information and product flows enabled by technological advances as well as the challenges and opportunities such developments provide.


The faculty engage in research designed to improve decision-making outcomes of consumers, marketers, or managers of logistics operations. In the realm of consumer decision-making, faculty research uncovers how sensory input and neural activation patterns impact marketplace behavior. Understanding the factors that influence consumer decision-making will lead to strategies that are more successful. Research on sustainability initiatives, consumer welfare, and self-regulatory processes are aimed at improving customers’ quality of life and satisfaction. Managerial decision-making research uncovers relationships among market factors that enhance the manager’s understanding of market forces and customer responses and can lead to more effective and efficient marketing and supply chain strategies.

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Research is a top priority at the Fox School. Faculty and students across departments regularly make valuable contributions that impact the academic world and the global business community. Learn more about the important work done at Fox by exploring the following research themes.​​

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