The Legal Studies faculty publishes in a number of prestigious academic and practice-oriented books, and publishes articles in some of the premier law publications around the country. Faculty publishes in a variety of specialties ranging from public policy and real estate, to medicine, the law, and ethics.


The Legal Studies Department is a strategic center for innovative research and knowledge dissemination in the realm of real estate, medicine, corporate compliance, public policy, and the regulatory process. Faculty’s rigorous academic research efforts produce meaningful results that inform industry, government, and public stakeholders. Through the exploration of legislative, judicial, and regulatory issues, we actively explore the roles of law, commerce, and policy in affecting the public and private sectors. The Department features notable strength in white-collar criminal law, employment law, and international trade law. Faculty strives to generate high impact research that influences policy debate and discussion at the local, national, and international levels.

Themes - The Global Impact of Fox School Research

Research is a top priority at the Fox School. Faculty and students across departments regularly make unique contributions that impact the academic world and the global business community, as well as society as a whole. Learn more about the important work done at Fox by exploring the following research themes.​​

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