Technology is an instrumental cog in the modern business world and is a pillar of the Fox School’s business educational philosophy.

The Fox School is redesigning our curriculum in a way that uses Microsoft Office, and other hands-on software tools, across multiple courses. This makes it vital for students to have laptops in the classroom.

In today’s competitive environment, mobile technology has become a requirement, not just a luxury. A laptop makes students navigators of their knowledge: collaborating, researching and communicating anytime, anywhere. The use of mobile computing, both inside and outside the classroom, prepares you for living and learning in today's world.

Starting in the fall of 2018, the Fox School of Business will mandate that all undergraduate students must have a laptop. To help with this, the Fox School’s Information Technology Department has provided below a recommended specification list for the laptops, as well as partnership with Lenovo and Dell to offer you deals and discounts on the purchase of a laptop.

We look forward to employing the new technology-infused curriculum in the near future, giving you and your degree an even greater value in today’s business world.

Recommended Device Specifications

Historically, prices are most favorable during the back to school period in July or August, and also during the winter holidays period in November and December.

Only Windows 10 OS Home or Pro Version, or Apple OSX 10.12 and above can be used.

No Chromebooks, Netbooks, Android Tablets or other similar devices, including iPad will work in lieu of a Windows or Apple laptop.

To see more detailed information about Temple’s laptop guidelines, please visit this page: <>

Entry Level Laptop

Intel Core i3 processor
13-14 inch LCD
1-3 years warranty
Average price range $350.00 - $550.00

Mid Level with HDD

Intel Core i5 processor
13-14 inch LCD display
1-3 years warranty
Average price range $500.00 - $900.00

Mid Level with SSD

Intel Core i5 processor
8 to 16GB RAM
13-14 inch LCD display
1-3 years warranty
Average price range $500.00 - $900.00

High End with SSD

Intel Core i7
16 to 32 GB RAM
512 SSD
14 inch LCD
1-3 years warranty
Average price range $900.00 - $1,500.00

Software requirements

Microsoft Office 365 is available to all student for free for 4+1 (after graduating) years via Tuportal - Microsoft downloads. Students can use the client based and also cloud based edition. After graduating they get 1 year time to purchase their own copy and transfer the Onedrive cloud storage.

Adobe Creative Cloud suite is available for free from Tuportal Adobe Creative Cloud Download.

SPSS is free in all the Labs. Student can purchase a personal copy if required from for $40-80 for 6 months for the basic package or $65-110 for the Advanced package a 12 months license. has a lot more student discounted software.

MIS has the Microsoft Imagine program and VMWare education Alliance subscriptions which provided all MIS students and faculty nearly all the Microsoft Programs for free along with Vmware virtualization software.

All other software (or simulations) come as part of course packs and materials listed in the syllabus for each class.

Technology Resources for Fox Students

  • Microsoft Office 365 is available for all Temple students, faculty and staff for FREE. Office 365 includes Microsoft Office 2016 (for PCs or Macs). Students can download and install the software on up to five PCs or Macs via TUportal. For details on the programs included, see the CS Office 365 information page.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud is also available for all Temple students, faculty and staff for FREE. Creative Cloud includes apps such as Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and more. For details on how to obtain the software, see the CS Adobe Creative Cloud page.
  • offers 100GB of FREE storage space. Students, faculty and staff can store and share files, collaborate on projects and sync and edit files.
  • Print on the Go Mobile allows students to submit print requests by emailing their attachments to from any mobile device.
  • WebEx offers students (and faculty and staff) the convenience of meeting with classmates online to complete group projects. This is also an excellent resource to keep in mind this winter. In lieu of cancelling class due to weather, consider scheduling the class online using this web conferencing service.