2021 Winners

Grand Prize$1,500Ethan Berg
Fox School of Business ‘20
1st Place – Undergraduate Track$1,000Moo Solutions
Noah Montierth
College of Engineering ‘22
2nd Place – Undergraduate Track$500Avi I.T.
Avi Knotts
College of Science & Technology ‘25
1st Place – Upper Track$1,000Rally
Max Reiff
Beasley School of Law ‘21
2nd Place – Upper Track$500Ace Club
Opeyemi Oyekanmi
Fox School of Business ‘04
Global Innovation $500Moo Solutions
Noah Montierth
College of Engineering ‘22

Max Reiff
Beasley School of Law ‘21
Digital Innovation $1,000Agora World
Ethan Berg
Fox School of Business ‘20

Nathaniel Sloan
Fox School of Business ‘22
Crowd Favorite$500PetBox
Ghena Alkhalaf
Fox School of Business ’22

2021 Finalists

Undergraduate Track

Avi I.T.
Presenter: Avi Knotts, CST ‘25

Avi I.T. is a non-profit organization that works to introduce computer science to students who may not have access to coding classes through summer camps, pop-up events, and community partnerships. 

Presenter: Nathaniel Sloan, Fox ‘22

LogicCxt is a logistics tech-enabled platform that streamlines cross-border logistics from the U.S. to emerging markets. LogicCxt’s proprietary algorithm communicates with the ports system and forwards information about each container to the User platform.

Presenter: Breanna Kerr, Tyler ‘22

For dog owners that are frequently out of the house and who need ways to ease or rid-of their dog’s separation anxiety, my offering is a modular sensory therapy dog cage that will reduce a dog’s anxieties through efficient sensory techniques and features. Unlike medicinal or non-interactive solutions, my product provides a mobile app that controls the cages sensory features, a built-in camera for owners to monitor their dogs, and customization options for the owner to choose which features they want.

Presenter: Noah Montierth, Engineering ‘22

Low Carbon Fuel Standard Blockchain Solution

Presenter: Cameron Noval, Engineering ‘24

X-Patch is an eczema treatment using a transdermal system to deliver medicine to fix eczema flare ups while covering up the affected skin for both protection from the elements and aesthetic purposes.

Presenter: Ghena Alkhalaf, Fox ‘22

For pet owners who need a more convenient, sustainable, and affordable way to shop for and sell pet supplies, ZooBox is an application that provides an online thrifting service of lightly used, quality checked pet supplies. Unlike in-person pet thrift stores or online selling platforms like Facebook Marketplace, our solution is a pet focused platform that provides our users with a practical and eco-friendly method to buy and sell affordable products.

Upper Track

Presenter: Opeyemi Oyekanmi, Fox ‘04

A peer assisted tutoring platform that connects a current college student with another who recently got an A in a class.

Presenter: Ethan Berg, Fox ‘20

At Agora, we empower developers and professional users to create incredible immersive social experiences. Our mission is to transform the internet into a 3D social experience, right on your mac and windows computers. We’re building an open 3D web platform transferring our lonely 2D world into a living & breathing 3D ecosystem to experience real life in a digital form. Agora is democratizing 3D technology by making our platform no code and offering an open 3D Ecosystem and Marketplace where designers and developers can build on top of our technology and offer their own extended functions to creators of immersive experiences. 

Presenter: Kazi Ahmed, CST ‘22

FurnishAR is an augmented reality product designed specifically for online furniture retailers. The product can be used by furniture companies to give their customers an extraordinary experience while shopping online. This AR product will allow users to “place and see” furniture products in their house virtually to check how it looks in their house before purchasing the products. Our customers are furniture retailers who sell online via their own websites. The users of our product are customers of these furniture retailers who shop on their websites. We believe that this enhanced online shopping experience will eventually lead to greater sales.

Presenter: Rebecca Dunst, Fox ‘21 

For wedding parties, Hearth & Plume is a one-stop-shop for ghostwriting and editing wedding speeches – from the proposal to the vows to the bridal party toasts. Hearth & Plume is all you need to ensure the best man doesn’t share the memories the couple tried to forget, parents stay away from those embarrassing childhood stories, and no drunk uncles are harmed in the making of the event. Unlike our competitors, Hearth & Plume specializes in using one-on-one human collaboration to help wedding parties craft the vows and speeches of their dreams.

Presenter: Max Reiff, Law ‘21

Rally is democratizing wholesale through team purchasing to help modern consumers access prices traditionally reserved for institutional buyers.