Don’t forget to pack:

  • Comfortable Walking Shoes – Rome is a very walkable city! In fact, the proximity of many of the major city attractions like the Colosseum, Roman Forum ruins, Markets of Trajan, the Pantheon and Vatican City are along a 3 or 4 mile route. Rome Toolkit has also put together a few self-guided walking tours so you can tour parts of the city on your own!
  • Travel Charger Convertor
  • Your own reusable waterbottle – The ancient Romans left behind a large number of free, and very safe (it’s licensed by the City of Rome and tested for purity FREQUENTLY), drinking fountains all over the city. They’re referred to as “Nasoni” or “big nose” – and you’ll soon see why! Some of the oldest ones can be found in the Trastevere district.

Make sure you Eat This (or Here)!

  • Cacio e Pepe – Also known as “Cheese and Black Pepper” and is traditionally served as the “sauce” with pasta. There’s a great restaurant right around the corner from the hotels that serves this dish perfectly, called Cacio e Pepe and is located at Via Giuseppe Avezzana, 11, 00195 Roma.
  • Aroma Restaurant – located at the Palazzo Manfredi – overlooks the Colosseum with stunning views. BOOK EARLY if you’re interested in dinner here as they tend to fill up quickly!
  • GELATO – We knew it went without mentioning, but this blog has some great recommendations on where to go for Gelato.
  • Trattoria Da Augusto – Cash Only. Wait in Line. No frills. But the menu is FULL of Roman and Italian delicacies and comes highly recommended by Lindsay! Piazza/Vicolo De’ Renzi, 15 – 00153 Roma
  • Frascati Wine – It’s been produced in the countryside surrounding Rome for two decades, so as they say – “When in Rome…”

Consider using public transportation – Rome Vacation Tips provides some great advice on using public transportation, and includes maps and recommendations as well!

Learn the language – or check out these 12 italian expressions and fit right in!

In case you want to hear from a few professionals…