The Creation of Something Great

In 2003, the Consortium for Undergraduate International Business Education (CUIBE) was established to promote, enhance and foster innovations in the delivery of international business education. Originally, ten universities organized the consortium to focus on enhancing their programs through information-sharing, consultation and coordination. We subsequently began to share our insights and experiences with other interested schools. That experience led us to a decision in 2007 to open up membership to other institutions who share our vision of high-quality international business education profoundly impacting the quality of our undergraduate programs. Since that year, CUIBE membership has increased substantially with more than half of its members ranking among the top IB programs in the nation.

  • Promote high quality undergraduate international business education.
  • Enhance and support universities’ capabilities in the development and delivery of educational programs that will develop the appropriate skills and knowledge in graduates to enable them to function effectively in global business.
  • Identify and disseminate best practices and innovations in undergraduate international business education.
  • Share experiences and lessons learned in the building and management of high quality undergraduate international business education programs
  • Benchmarking with other international business programs
  • Sounding board for similar educational challenges and opportunities
  • Sharing of educational materials (syllabi, cases, texts, readings, experiential exercises)
  • Intense/immersion language training opportunities
  • IB case competition
  • Shared study abroad programs
  • Shared international experiences
  • Faculty development programs
  • Joint/multi institution programs
  • Shared internship opportunities

For more information and how to become a member, contact CUIBE.
c/o International Business Institute University of Missouri
—St Louis One University Blvd St Louis, Mo 63121–4400

Tel: (314) 516-4503