The Celebration of a Century

Remembering a rich legacy. Saluting present-day prowess. Shaping a bright future.

The Fox School of Business at Temple University is celebrating 100 years of innovative business education, curriculum, and programs designed to advance business practices and produce leaders, thinkers, doers, trailblazers, researchers, and educators within every field of business and commerce.

The last century has ushered in a technology-centric, dynamic global business environment. The Fox School embarks on a new era of learning to provide students with the skills and mindset to compete in today’s dramatically shifting world, while remaining true to Temple University founder Russell Conwell’s vision of democratizing, diversifying, and widening higher education. Throughout its history, the Fox School has produced students with strong work ethics and roll-up-your-sleeves attitudes, advanced the world of business, and transformed lives through education. Today, it continues to build on this century-long tradition as it prepares professionals to lead tomorrow’s economy.

The Fox School celebrates its Centennial through events, inspiring stories, and by engaging its remarkable community, which have supported its success for the last 100 years. The Fox School invites you to join the commemoration as its alumni, students, faculty, staff, and industry partners look forward to the new ways that the school will change the business leaders and innovators of tomorrow.