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High-Skilled Worker Visas and You

Imagine America without Sergey Brin, Albert Einstein or even Sofia Vergara. These are people who have come from abroad and contributed tremendously to the American economy

Kevin Fandl, associate professor of legal studies and strategic global management

Every year, hundreds of thousands of employment-based immigrant visas are provided to workers under U.S. immigration law. But what does this mean for the average person working and living in the U.S.? These highly skilled immigrants are an essential part of the workforce, filling labor gaps and contributing specialized skills, especially in STEM. Their presence is also shown to create higher wages, increased productivity and lower unemployment for U.S.-born workers. 

In this episode of Catalyst, Kevin Fandl, associate professor of legal studies and strategic global management, tells us about the past and present of high–skilled worker visas—as well as his vision for the future of the program. 

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