Last year, 20,140 alumni made a gift to Temple University. What's more, 22% of alumni donors graduated within the last decade.

The Fox School also offers opportunity for giving, such as student scholarship funds, research initiatives and development projects thanks to donations from alumni like you. Whether giving so a future student has the resources needed to realize his or her academic and professional dreams, or to help a current student overcome a financial emergency, your gift will make a huge impact.

Your donation could also advance our commitment to developing and implementing the innovative ideas that shape the future of business and impact the world. The Fox School has many initiatives, research centers, and development projects that would not be possible without assistance from alumni donors.

Here are some ways your donation can help further the Fox School mission and help our community grow:

  • Centennial: The Fox School turns 100 in 2018 and there are many ways you can help
  • Scholarships: Help the next generation of business leaders achieve their academic and career goals
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fund: Contribute to the creation of new business ideas and practices that shape the future
  • Fox Annual Fund: The Fox School gets bigger every year, and we need your help to expand our resources and enhance our goal of providing the best possible education to students
  • The Fox School Emergency Fund: Help a current student in need

How to Give

  • Make a gift online: See some of the Fox School's priority area for support ( or search for a Temple cause that is meaningful to you ( – whether it's supporting students, faculty, or a specific department!
  • Attend an event: You can make a gift on your credit card at many in-person events. It's also a great opportunity to talk to Fox representatives about where and how you can make the most impact!
  • Send your gift by mail: Just make sure to include Temple's printable giving form
  • Give us a call: If you'd like to speak to someone about making a credit card gift over the phone please call 215-926-2500
  • Visit the Giving page for even more options, including Memorial Gifts and Employer Matching Gifts!

Still have questions? Please contact, and a Fox representative will be happy to assist you! To make a donation to the Fox School fund that's right for you, please go to If you don't see your preferred designation listed, please use the "Other" option and your gift wil be directed appropriately.

Gifts in Action

"Receiving a scholarship tremendously impacted my college career. I am the first to go to college out of 7 children, which was very difficult since I was putting myself through school. I've since launched my career at PwC and made my way to the Talent Acquisition Team. I love working with students and making an impact. I am grateful that I work for a firm that values the importance of giving back. PwC matches every contribution that I make to my alma mater." -Zahra Safa, BBA 2014

"Scholarships are opportunities for us students. They open doors and allow us to pursue both our education and the version of ourselves we aspire to become... To a student, a scholarship means that someone believes in their abilities and in their potential. It means that someone is willing to say "I believe you can do great things and I want to help you." -Tabitha Miller, BBA 2020

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