Through your generosity Alter Hall is a reality.

Numerous donors chose to support this endeavor especially with their $15 million naming gift.

You have given the Fox School a new home and, in the process, have helped to expand the educational opportunities available to our current and future students.

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A successful businessman, Dick is the founder and chair of The Fox Realty Companies, a building development and real-estate management company in Eastern Pennsylvania that is responsible for such landmarks as the Wachovia Center. Most recently, Dick co-founded and serves as chairman of Planalytics, a business weather intelligence company serving businesses throughout the United States.

Temple University and the Fox School of Business are uniquely positioned to meet the needs of students and the challenges of the business world today, by taking a global approach to business learning and implementing the latest technology through Alter Hall, our students are destined to succeed.

Dick continues to advance the missions of the university by serving on the Board of Trustees’ Development Committee, and the Fox School by serving as its founding chair of the Board of Visitors. Through the full commitment of their time, treasure and talent, Dick and his wife Geraldine have been instrumental in the school’s success.

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Born and raised in Philadelphia, Bob has given generously of his time to many philanthropic endeavors over the years, including serving as a member of the Board of Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania, past president, Board of Trustees and current board member of The Wistar Institute, and director of the Foreign Policy Research Institute.

Bob and his wife Penny created the Frederic Fox lecture series at the Fox School — annual lectures that bring together students, business visionaries and alumni to promote leadership development by engaging in thoughtful and dynamic discussions that have centered on religious, political and business themes.

“I am honored to play a role in the creation of Alter Hall, The Fox School of Business has long served as the center of learning and technology for many of the region’s entrepreneurs, but Alter Hall will enable the Fox School to have a global reach and to produce some of the world’s best and brightest business leaders.”

Mr. Fox has a long and distinguished career in the Philadelphia area in both construction and business. Currently, he is founder and CEO of R.A.F. Industries, a private investment company which acquires and manages a diversified group of operating companies and venture capital investments.

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Bokhari became well acquainted with Temple when he earned his Executive MBA from the Fox School of Business.

In 2006, he gave back to his former North Philadelphia neighbor when he pledged $1 million to the school’s Building Fox, Transforming Lives campaign.

In recognition of his gift, the suite housing the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute is named after him.

Like many Temple students, I didn’t come from a family of business people, but Temple helped teach me what I needed to know,” says Bokhari, who is CEO of Parkway Clinical Laboratories and a corporate officer of Rosetta Genomics, Parkway’s parent company.

“I directed my donation to the IEI because it’s there that I gathered the wisdom and strength to transform my entrepreneurial passion into demonstrated business success. The institute is an incubator for bright young people who are tomorrow’s innovators and business leaders.”

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“I am honored to support the Fox School of Business during this pivotal time in its history, this spectacular new building represents the quality that is synonymous with the Fox School and reflects its mission to be among the very best public urban business schools in the country. It will certainly advance the school’s priorities — technology, entrepreneurship and innovation, globalization and ethics.”

Gross has played a leadership role for many years by serving on the Board of Visitors, the volunteer leadership board composed of alumni and friends who lead the industries in which they work. As a member of the board, Gross lends strategic direction and expertise to ensure that the school’s mission remains relevant in the changing climate of business.

Gross currently serves as founder and principal of Ocean Castle Partners, LLC. Previously, he lent his expertise and direction to The Network Connection, SZM Distributors and Amalgamated Technologies, among many other companies.

Chairmen's Circle
  • Raza Bokhari
  • Richard and Geraldine Fox
  • Robert and Penny Fox
  • Irwin L. and Linda Gross
Trustee's Circle
  • Howard E. and Randy G. Goldberg
  • Harry R. Halloran Jr.
  • William B. and Mary D. Hipple
  • Paul and Anna Grace Holloway
  • Arnold and Bunnie Katz
  • Leroy E. Kean
  • Steven H. Korman
  • Brook and Dawn Lenfest
  • Stanley Merves
  • Moshe and Rachel Porat
  • The Gilroy and Lillian P. Roberts Foundation
  • William and Beverly Rosoff
  • Murray H. Shusterman
  • Stanley and Franny Wang
  • William and Susanna Wei
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  • Amper, Politziner & Mattia LLP
  • William J. Avery
  • Blank Rome LLP
  • Fred Blume
  • Barry Braun
  • Bernard B. and Eileen Brown
  • Rajan Chandran
  • Deloitte Services LLP
  • Robert J. Fahey
  • Richard A. Lancioni
  • Arvind V. Phatak
  • Anne and Frank Scardino
  • Edward Tolan
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  • William and Kathleen Aaronson
  • CMS Endowment Foundation
  • Irene Couture
  • Robert D. Hamilton III
  • Richard H. Haverstick Jr.
  • Jerome Kaplan
  • Margaret McGoldrick and Richard Owens
  • Zeev Shenkman
  • Paul and Aviva Silberberg
  • S. Jay Sklar
  • Howard and Lucia Beck Weiss
  • Wendy L. and Steve G. Yarno
  • Joseph S. Zuritsky
  • Diana Breslin-Knudsen
  • Debbie Campbell
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  • Bret and Donna Perkins
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  • Michael J. Burton
  • John P. DeAngelo
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  • Boris Iglewicz
  • Arun Kumaraswamy
  • J. Lewis
  • Justin Mahwikizi
  • Shreeram R. and Susan M. Mudambi
  • Lori F. Reiner
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