Registration/Schedule Revision Form

This form is used to add or drop courses with instructor’s approval.

Overload Petition

  • Request permission to register for 9 or more credits in one summer session or 19 or more credits in the fall or spring semesters.
  • A cumulative GPA of 2.75 and a MEETING WITH AN ADVISOR is required for approval.

Course Repeat

  • All students are permitted to attempt a course a second time. A student seeking a third attempt must obtain the approval of the student’s home school or college. Approval of a third attempt is not guaranteed. Except as permitted by this policy, no student may attempt a course more than three times. This policy does not apply to English 0701, English 0802, IH 0851, IH 0852, or Math 0701 and their course equivalents, which may be taken more than three times
  • To petition for a third registration for the same course, complete the request via TUportal. Under Student Tools search for Third Course Attempt Request within the University Forms channel.

Permission to Complete a Course at Another Institution after Matriculation

  • Matriculated undergraduate students at Temple are expected to take all of their courses at Temple, unless they receive permission in advance to take courses at another institution. Prior permission is required to receive transfer credit for courses taken elsewhere once you are a student at Temple.

Leave of Absence

  • Full-time, degree seeking students who wish to voluntarily withdraw from the university for one or two semesters (fall and/or spring) are strongly encouraged to apply for a Leave of Absence (LOA).
  • If approved, you will remain eligible for the same requirements as when you declared your major
  • You will also have access to Temple e-mail, university library systems, and priority and self registration for the approved semester of return.
    • By contrast, students who leave the university without any notice and without an approved LOA must apply to be re-enrolled and, if allowed to return, must follow the most recent university curricular requirements in place for the semester of their return.
  • University Policy on Leave of Absence

Excused Withdrawal

  • To be used when a serious extenuating circumstance beyond your control prevents you from continuing with ALL of your courses in the affected semester (to include serious medical circumstance, family emergency, military deployment, or other approved emergency).
  • For a list of extenuating circumstances, see the complete policy here: 02.10.14.
  • Students seeking an excused withdrawal MUST meet with an academic advisor; your completed Petition for Excused Withdrawal MUST also be returned to a Fox academic advisor.
  • Appropriate documentation is required and is outlined in the Petition for Excused Withdrawal.
  • Petition for Excused Withdrawal must be filed within one (1) year from the end date of the semester in which the student is seeking an excused withdrawal.
  • Petitions approved for serious medical circumstances also require Medical Provider’s Clearance to Return to Temple University BEFORE future registration is permitted.
  • A Fox Academic Advisor will discuss your options and assist you with the completion and submission of this petition if appropriate:

Re-enrollment/Reinstatement Application

  • Who needs to complete this application?
    Matriculated students who have not enrolled for one fall or spring semester without permission to study elsewhere or an approved leave of absence who would like to continue their education in the Fox School of Business and Management. Students academically dismissed from Temple University are eligible to apply for reinstatement after 8 semesters not including summer sessions.
  • Application deadlines
    August 1 for the fall semester; December 1 for the spring semester; April 1 for the summer semester. Applications must be complete and deadlines are strictly enforced.
    • fall applications are reviewed in June/July; spring applications are reviewed in November/December; summer applications are reviewed in April. Applicants will be notified of readmit decisions by email (if provided) or U.S. Mail once reviewed. Allow 4 – 6 weeks after the deadline for a decision.
  • Did you enroll elsewhere while you were not at Temple ?
  • You must have official transcripts sent directly to the Undergraduate Admissions Office at Temple University:
    • The preferred method to submit transcripts is via the “direct submission to an institution” option offered by leading transcript providers. Temple has accounts with each of these so you can easily expedite the transmission of the transcript. This is the quickest way to insure the posting of your transcript.
    • If this is not an option, the next preferred method is submission of e-transcripts to Undergraduate Admissions at
    • The last option is submission of the paper transcript to Undergraduate Admissions.
      1801 North Broad St, Conwell Hall 103
      Philadelphia, PA 19122-6096
    • Please note transcripts must be received by the deadline for consideration for readmission.
  • Do you have any holds (except academic holds) on your record?
    All holds must be cleared by the application deadline for consideration for readmission.
  • Program requirements upon return
    You must meet current program requirements upon return and upper-level business courses (those numbered 100 or higher) earned previously may no longer apply toward the degree if the absence is 5 or more years
  • Submit your electronic re-enrollment application here.