Our team of dedicated academic advisors is ready to assist motivated students in Fox to develop educational plans that are consistent with their academic and career goals. We believe the successful attainment of goals is best met through intentional collaborations between students and advisors. This partnership is facilitated by an environment of mutual communication, respect and responsibility.

As active participants in the advising process, students bear the ultimate responsibility for making educational and career decisions.  Therefore, we rely on student to be prepared with questions, to refer to their advising notes both before and after advising meetings, research options before they come to their meeting, and obtain a copy of their evaluation sheet.

Students are expected to know University Policies and their program requirements as defined in their Bulletin and on their DARS report, which can be accessed via TUportal by clicking on the Student Tools tab and then selecting Degree Audit in the Records channel.

Advisors in turn, strive to provide knowledgeable assistance to ensure students’ accurate understating of University and School policies, utilization of campus resources, interpretation of curriculum requirements and timely completion of degree requirements.

Closed Course Procedure

The Waitlisting System at Fox

  • Your first step is to check Self-Service Banner (http://tuportal.temple.edu) to see if you can find an open section.
  • If your desired course is closed, you may choose to join a waitlist for a closed section through Self Service Banner (SSB) on the ‘Add or Drop Classes’ page. Simply attempt to register by entering the ‘Course Reference Number’ (CRN) of your desired course at the bottom of the screen and once prompted for the option to waitlist, select ‘Waitlisted’ in the ‘Action’ drop down box and click ‘Submit Changes’.
    • NOTE: If you waitlist, you will not automatically be registered. Instead, you will only be notified of an available seat if this becomes available (for example, if a student currently registered drops the course). If notified, you must take action and register. If you don’t register by the ‘take action’ deadline, indicated in the notification email, you will be dropped from the waitlist.
  • If you cannot self-register, you must contact your assigned Fox academic advisor to be added to the waitlist or to register following notification of an open seat. You should contact your advisor as soon as you are notified and before your ‘take action’ deadline expires and you are dropped from the waitlist. To ensure timely processing of your request, please write ‘WAITLIST APPROVED’ in the subject heading of any email registration requests sent to your advisor.
  • You need to meet the same requirements to waitlist for a section as you would to register for that section. You will not be able to waitlist for a class if you have not met the pre-requisites or co-requisites (or if you do not have them in progress). You will not be able to waitlist if you do not meet the registration requirements or special authorization permissions; please check with your advisor if you are presented with a registration error.
  • Waitlisting will end the weekday prior to the start of classes. You should use priority registration to get courses you need and want, and attempt to register for open sections rather than waitlisting for closed sections! Full-time students especially should register for a full course load as registration waitlisting is neither a “credit-bearing registration” nor a guarantee for future registration

Additional Considerations:

  • You cannot waitlist for a section of a course when you are already registered or waitlisted for another section of that course (i.e. duplicate course).
  • You cannot waitlist for a section which is in time conflict with another section for which you have registered or waitlisted.
  • During the waitlisting period, no special permissions or green cards for closed classes!

For more information including instructions on how to waitlist in Self-Service Banner and a list of frequently asked questions, please see the Registrar’s Office web site (linked here: https://registrar.temple.edu/registration-waitlisting ).