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Finance Has Evolved. Have You?

The finance industry is different today than two decades ago. Reform, crashes and financial technology have dramatically reshaped the finance sector. In other words: Finance has evolved. Have you? That is the question we continuously ask ourselves at the Fox School.

More than ever, Finance is a competitive field to break into today. Having a master’s degree and progress towards professional certifications like the CFA or FRM can help candidates stand out in the job market. In today’s digital world, data science skills like Python, SQL and machine learning are also critical for many financial roles.

At the Fox School, the curriculum of our Master of Science in Financial Analysis and Quantitative Risk Management program is industry-matched in the way it accounts for these trends. Reflecting both the CFA and FRM Body of Knowledge, the program offers students the opportunity to enjoy broad coursework ranging from advanced corporate finance, financial reporting and analysis, portfolio management and behavioral finance to quantitative modeling, derivative pricing, financial engineering, and enterprise risk management — so you can stand out in your pursuit of a rewarding career in finance.

MS in Financial Analysis and Quantitative Risk Management at a Glance

Ideal for finance professionals seeking to expand knowledge of quantitative modeling and risk management

43 credits

Tuition scholarships available


Full-time, 22-month completion pathway; part-time completion over three years

Pursue CFA® Level I – III exams and FRM® Exam Parts I – II

Hands-on training in Matlab, Python, R, SQL and Tableau

Master of Science in Financial Analysis

Learn financial analysis industry best practices and the power of financial technology to explore global financial markets and quantitative trading.

Master of Science in Financial Analysis

Master of Science in Quantitative Finance & Risk Management

Gain expertise in derivative pricing and risk management with project-based applications of data science to expand quantitative modeling skills.

Master of Science in Quantitative Finance & Risk Management

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