The interdisciplinary PhD program in Decision Neuroscience is a collaborative effort with the Department of Psychology in the College of Liberal Arts. The Fox School has been at the forefront of the field of decision neuroscience over the past decade. 

Students enrolled in the program gain a thorough understanding of the intellectual issues in the rapidly growing field of decision neuroscience and its subfields of neuroeconomics and neuromarketing. The program has the unique translational vision of integrating scientific findings with everyday real-world problems. 

The Center for Applied Research in Decision Making (formerly known as Center for Neural Decision Making) is one of the few research centers housed in a business school with the capability to collect behavioral, eye-tracking, and biometric data. Similarly, Temple University’s Psychology Department has long been a leader in brain and cognitive science research, with access to fMRI and EEG facilities. Students in the program will have access to all these resources as part of their research program. Prior to being formally approved as an independent program in the year 2017, the program was part of the interdisciplinary studies at the Fox School of Business.

Concentration Advisor

Vinod Venkatraman
Associate Professor
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