Learning with Authenticity

What does it mean to ‘learn authentically’?

It means being an advocate for your education and producing work that is honest, engaging and original. There are many paths students can choose as they produce schoolwork, but the Fox School hopes our students use media literacy to understand what it means to produce your own work without plagiarism, or undocumented and potentially, prohibited sources. Its means acting with Academic Integrity.

Whether you’re looking for guidance as a student or faculty member, the Fox School has developed various articles, videos, learning modules and more to help everyone learn more authentically.

For Students

  1. Don’t cheat yourself. 
    Real life starts right now. The decisions you make here will follow you to the workplace or your next academic institution. Prepare yourself for your future by building good habits now. 
  2. Learn your ABC’s. 
    Authentic behavior creates. Your work should be honest, engaging and original. Are you building something new? If not, you are likely cheating. 
  3. Go to the source. 
    When you have questions, know where to look for help. Visit the Business Communications Center, get insights from the Purdue Online Writing Lab and review the appropriate citation guidelines. Plus, learn what are good sources of information. 
  4. Speak up. 
    If you see something, say something. Whether an exam, group project or Chegging, share your concerns with your professor.

For Faculty