Rooted in 100 years of history, our vision is to be the top public urban business school in the country, and among the leading business schools in the world, by creating and disseminating knowledge to transform students to face local, national and global challenges.


Transform Lives Through Knowledge Creation & Sharing. We follow university founder Russell Conwell’s mission to provide an affordable gateway to advanced knowledge for a diverse group of talented and determined students and other stakeholders by:

  • Providing competency-driven education, a core component of our growth and success.
  • Leveraging our knowledge and resources to provide experiential learning, immersion and other collaboration opportunities with our programs across the university and our partners around the world.
  • Offering the best professional development and career management opportunities for our students through the Center for Student Professional Development.
  • Committing to continuous improvement through stakeholder engagement, industry relations, and assurance of learning across all programs to ensure our curricula provide the best possible return on students’ educational investment.
  • Engaging in pioneering research to advance knowledge and to develop scholars through rigorous academic and practice-oriented doctoral education.
  • Linking our education, research and outreach efforts to the driving forces of our economy – information technology, globalization, innovation, entrepreneurship, ethics – and to provide high-quality education and student services in traditional and digital learning environments.
  • Fostering the growth of faculty and staff through professional development plans and programs.


Our vision, mission and values guide our teaching, research, service and administration. We value:

  • Excellence in teaching, research and school management.
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Entrepreneurial implementation of ideas.
  • Ethical practices and respect for diversity and inclusion.
  • Building partnerships with the communities that we serve.