About The Fox School of Business

The Fox School of Business transforms lives through education and community, and stays true to Temple University founder Russell Conwell’s mission to provide an affordable business education to a diverse, talented, and determined student body.

Fox School is committed to providing student-centered education and professional development relevant to today’s digital and global economy. To honor the commitment, the school integrates technology into the curriculum and classroom and encourages entrepreneurship and innovation in business and education. The school boasts a global presence and perspective, as well as strategic alliances with the regional and international business communities, which provide experiential learning, immersion, and other opportunities for students and Fox partners around the world.

Throughout its history, the Fox School has produced students with strong work ethics and roll-up-your-sleeves attitudes, advanced the world of business, and transformed lives through education. Today, it builds on this century-long tradition as one of the world’s top urban public schools preparing professionals to lead tomorrow’s economy.