Xue Guo
Management Information Systems


Xue Guo is a PhD candidate in management information systems (MIS) at the Fox School of Business. She is one of the recipients of the presidential fellowship award at Temple University. Before joining Temple, she earned a master’s degree in MIS from the University of Maryland and a bachelor’s degree in finance from the Capital University of Economics and Business.

Her research focuses on understanding the role of IT in both online and local labor markets. Her interests include online labor markets, the human capital of IT, information privacy, consumer behavior in two-sided platforms. Her research uses interdisciplinary approaches including econometrics, text mining, machine learning, lab experiment, and Bayesian statistics. Particularly, she is interested in using machine learning approaches to analyze large-scale text information.

She has presented her work at many premier conferences and workshops including ICIS, CIST, WIST and INFORMS. Her research has been supported by the internal seed funding (over $10,000) from the Young Scholars Interdisciplinary Forum at the Fox School of Business. Additionally, she has received first place in the Annual PhD Student Research Competition at the Fox School of Business in three consecutive years.