Jeongmi Kim
Tourism and Sport


Jamie (Jeongmi) Kim is currently a doctoral candidate at Temple University’s Fox School of Business studying business administration with a concentration in tourism and sport. Jamie holds both M.A. and B.S. degree in Tourism Management from Hanyang University, Korea. Before joining the Ph.D. program, Jamie worked for the Korea National Tourism Organization (KTO) for ten years. At KTO, she planned and executed various marketing projects like road show and international sports events both in Korea and Southeast Asia.

Her current research interests in designing tourism experience and marketing communication strategies with the new media. Especially, she is very interested in how experience designer can rethink the meaning of tourism experience and use new media channel to create meaningful tourism experiences. Her research has been published in Journal of Travel Research and Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing. She has also presented her research at several tourism and interdisciplinary conferences, including TTRA, HCI International Conference, and ENTER Conference. Recently, she won 2nd Place for Best Research Paper ENTER 2014 eTourism Conference in Ireland. Currently, she is the research coordinator for Eric Friedheim Tourism Institute at University of Florida.