Tamas Horvath
Chief Quality Assurance & Accreditation Officer / Owner, U.S. Army / Horvath Consulting


DissertationOrganizational Resilience in a Quasi-Total Institution: The U.S. Army Engages the Millennial Generation

Tamas “Tom” Horvath has served in the United States Army for 21 years, and currently serves as the Operations Sergeant, a position closely related to a civilian Director of Operations, where he is the principle operations supervisor for over 900 personnel. His notable past assignments include First Sergeant (second in charge) of a 160-man organization, Director of Security for a Forward Operating Base of over 700 coalition occupants, and Program Manager for over 500 personnel.

Tom received his Executive MBA from Washington State University, a DBA from the Fox School of Business, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Management from the University of Phoenix with honors. Tom is a top graduate of the United States Army Master Gunner School, as well as recipient of numerous awards and decorations including the Bronze Star medal.