Steve Levine


Steve is a consultant and founder of strat360, where he applies expertise in DIY research as well as leveraging insights from primary and secondary information in order to problem solve and identify opportunities. Steve blends wide-ranging professional experience with the latest academic thinking to arrive at innovative solutions. Proficiencies in technology, storytelling and visualization enable Steve to deliver digestible business actions to stakeholders. Steve’s clients are enterprises, medium and small businesses, as well as nonprofits. In 2019, Steve worked onsite at Aramark on major voice of the customer (VOC) and healthcare initiatives. In 2017, he similarly worked on site at J&J leading a migration to Tableau. He has also worked extensively with technology and financial service organizations like Microsoft, HP, Citigroup and JP Morgan Chase to support new product development, customer satisfaction, pricing, branding and competitive analysis. In 2016, Steve earned a master of science with distinct honors in digital innovation from the Fox School of Business at Temple University.