Soumia Hasnaoui


Women’s Law Project

Soumia Hasnaoui, a Fulbright scholar from Morocco,  is very passionate about entrepreneurship and sees it as a powerful tool to make a positive impact in the world. She is excited to bring that passion to the Women’s Law Project, a nonprofit public legal interest organization working to depend and advance the rights of women, girls and LGBTQ+ people in Pennsylvania and beyond. Prior to pursuing her MBA, Soumia worked for three years as a hydraulic and environmental engineer. She also co-founded a social enterprise in 2016, which focuses on promoting sustainable eco-friendly and energy-saving solutions. Soumia is very excited to use her business skills to promote nonprofit projects and develop more connections within the nonprofit sector. Fun fact: One of Soumia’s favorite things to do is paint abstract art and participate in Afro dancing, which helped keep her active during quarantine. She is currently learning other forms of dance, including salsa and bachata.