Sezgin Ayabakan
Management Information Systems
Assistant Professor
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Dr. Sezgin Ayabakan joins the Fox School on a tenure-track appointment within the Department of Management Information Systems.

He taught undergraduate and graduate courses in Information Systems at the University of Baltimore and the University of Texas at Dallas prior to his arrival. His research focuses on the impact of health information technology initiatives on the cost and quality of healthcare delivery. Other research interests include data analytics techniques in the healthcare and social media subjects in which he mastered various data analytics tools.

Ayabakan graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas, where he earned a PhD in Management Science, with an emphasis on MIS. He received a Master of Science degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the University of Florida, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from Turkey’s Bilkent University.

  • Ayabakan, S., I. R. Bardhan, Z. Zheng. 2019. Impact of Telehealth Usage on Healthcare Resource Utilization:A Quasi-experimental Study on Maryland Hospitals. Invited for 2nd round revision at Management Science
  • Ayabakan, S., R. Banker, I. R. Bardhan. 2019. Performance-based Incentive Programs in Healthcare: An Empirical Study of Shared Savings Programs and Accountable Care Organizations. preparing for submissionto Journal of Accounting and Economics.
  • Ayabakan, S., I. R. Bardhan, Z. Zheng. 2019. Did Hospital Readmission Reduction Program Achieve the Triple Aim Goals? revising for submission to Annual Review of Public Health.
  • Ayabakan, S., I. R. Bardhan, Z. Zheng. What Drives Readmission? A New Perspective from Hidden Markov Model Analysis. revising for submission to Journal of Management Information Systems.
  • Young Researcher Award. 2019. Conference on Health IT and Analytics, Washington D.C.
  • Best Paper Runner-up Award. 2019. What Explains Performance of Accountable Care Organizations: Learning or Selection Effects?  Conference on Health IT and Analytics, Washington D.C.
  • Faculty Recognition Award for promoting learning services and supporting tutors. 2016. Achievement and Learning Center, University of Baltimore.
  • Best Paper Runner-up Award. 2014. Value of Health Information Sharing in Reducing Healthcare Waste: An analysis of duplicate testing across hospitals. International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), Auckland, New Zealand.