Sarah Mailloux
Small Business Development Center
SBDC Program Manager,CoE


Sarah joined the Temple SBDC as a Program Manager in 2020. She brings years of experience that runs the gamut from operations management, strategic leadership, change management, project management, business licensing, insurance licensing, accounting, government planning and legislative policy, non-profit public relations, program analytics, research and data collection, to retail and customer service.

After graduating from the University of Delaware within three years with a Bachelors in International Relations, she completed a Masters of Science in International Business. She is currently working on her MBA, specializing in innovation and entrepreneurship. In addition, she holds multiple certifications in finance, human resources, ideation, and coaching. She has a strong background in Positive Leadership Theory, Change Management & Intercultural Team Design, and International Political Economics.

Prior to joining the Temple SBDC, Sarah was the Operations Manager at the Delaware SBDC, where she worked closely with the Associate State Director as a key member of the Lead Center team. Her responsibilities spanned the entire operation, including process, project, and change management. She oversaw administrative staff and additional staff on a project to project basis.

In her role as the Program Manager at the Temple SBDC, Sarah is responsible for the programmatic design and operations of the Digital Transformation Center of Excellence (CoE). She is passionate about market research and design for small businesses. The Center of Excellence provides counseling services and training to small businesses looking to diversify, pivot, and grow their profit through digital marketing and online platform methods.

In her free time, Sarah is an avid reader, fitness class fanatic, and an aspiring world traveler.”