Phil Argyris
CEO GatesAir


Phil served as CEO of GatesAir, a global leader in next generation, over-the-air broadcast solutions for radio and television. He leveraged his 35 years of management and leadership experience, as well as his valuable tenure, leading the former Transmission Division of Harris Broadcast to drive innovation and excellence in wireless over-the-air solutions. Phil has been a results-oriented leader spanning the broadcast, oil and gas, and high-tech industries for four decades. Prior to joining GatesAir, he served in senior management roles at Harris Corp. and Harris Broadcast, including as Vice President of Human Resources, General Manager of  former GatesAir over-the-air business unit and Executive Vice President of R&D, product line management and marketing at Harris Broadcast. Prior to Harris Corp., he held executive positions at NCR Corp. and Amoco/BP. Phil has an MBA in Industrial Relations and Organization Behavior and a BBA in Finance from Temple University. He is an advisor for the Fox MBA program, assists undergraduate Fox classes and mentors both current Temple students as well as young Temple professionals.