Pegah Sarkoohi
Tourism and Sport


Pegah Sarkoohi is a Ph.D. student in Sport Management and a Presidential Fellow; she joined the Ph.D. program at the Fox School of Business in Fall 2022. A native of Shiraz, Iran, Pegah received a master’s degree in sport management from Allame Tabataba’i (ATU) and a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering. Her research interest focuses on branding and sport marketing. Pegah’s work has been published in two academic journals, including the International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing and the Journal of Sport Management (Tehran University), and also presented at several academic conferences.

At ATU she served as a member of the Research Core of the Systematic Sport Management Development, where she published a book titled “Strategic Thinking in Sport”. She has designed an application called “Video Check” which functions as an asset for Karate referees, and a sports-centered application for students living in the dormitory, which could boost their physical activities without any special equipment. Simultaneously, she has worked at Sports Radio Station as a researcher and journalist for two years, broadcasting programs about sports marketing. Having done Karate for more than 22 years, and received several national and international medals, she is now a Karate coach for 12 years.