Pat Thompson


Starting in a Big-4 public accounting firm, Pat was able to see the inner workings of companies both large (Fortune 500) and small (start-ups), learning from their successes and failures. From there, Pat held a number of corporate accounting positions, working with various business units to broaden his understanding of the financial systems and processes. Since then, Pat has been a trusted adviser
and business partner to many senior leaders with a focus on driving business forward, spanning many crucial areas, including Commercial/Sales, Research and Development, Capital Investment, Internal and External Manufacturing, Outsourcing, and Contracting. In his current role, Pat spans both Corporate Strategy and Finance to prepare the long-term strategic and financial plan for the

Pat is a licensed CPA and received his Masters of Accountancy at the University of Richmond. He also obtained his Executive MBA from Temple University, where he now holds a position as Adjunct Professor, teaching financial material, including Accounting, Corporate & Investment Finance, and Economics. Pat has a wife and two wonderful children who inspire him to push forward in all aspects of life.