Nicole Denise Coleman
Rothman Orthopedic Institute
VP, Compliance and Risk Management


Nicole Denise Coleman, CHPC, CHC, MBA, is a native Philadelphian and has long been an advocate of our community, its members and is especially passionate about our diverse arts programs. Ms. Coleman is a graduate of the Philadelphia High School for Girls and Temple University with degrees in Psychology and African Studies. Most recently she earned her MBA in Healthcare Administration from Wilmington University.  

Ms. Coleman currently serves as the Vice President of Compliance & Risk Management for Rothman Orthopaedics, where she has an over 20 year history.  In her time at Rothman she has established a robust background in healthcare business services, operations, health information management, compliance and risk management. She holds certifications in both general healthcare compliance and privacy compliance and acts as the Compliance Officer and Privacy Officer for Rothman Orthopaedics.  She is also the founder and leader of the organization’s first Diversity, Equity & Inclusion council and program.

While a student at Temple, Ms. Coleman was introduced to West African Dance which she continued to study after graduating. For almost 20 years, she has danced with several local dance companies including CIPAC and Emi Ife under the artistic direction of Philadelphia’s own Cachet Ivey. It was her love of African dance that fueled her aspiration to support the community and in 2013, Ms. Coleman founded Our Community-Our Village, a local grass-roots, non-profit organization dedicated to supporting women in the community with resources for financial help for college-bound children as well as fundraising for local arts programs.

Aside from Ms. Coleman’s love of the arts and community, she is the proud mother of her daughter Nadira who is also a graduate of Temple University with a degree in English and the University of Leeds with a Masters in Communication.