Nattawat Theeralerttham


Nattawat Theeralerttham is a PhD student in Marketing and a Fulbright Scholar at Fox School of Business. His research assists government and business leaders in reducing resistance toward complex technologies, with an implication for tackling global grand challenges from healthcare to climate change. Some of these technologies include medical device, artificial intelligence, and vaccine.

Nattawat brings an eclectic background of social sciences, public policy, and data analytics. His research endeavor is destined to be out of the box in the most literal sense. Nattawat earned a Master of Public Policy from Oxford University (UK) and BA in Social Sciences from Mahidol University (Thailand). His industry experience includes project management and analyst roles at a tech company, an executive coaching firm, and two non-profit organizations.

When Nattawat is not solving business and social problems, he enjoys finding new ideas and inspiration through walking in nature, exploring a city, learning foreign culture, and watching Japanese anime.