Mike Van Wyk
Vice President, Research & Insights, Capital Group


Dissertation: Investing, Politics, and Time: How Temporal Framing can Overcome Partisan Motivated Reasoning Towards Retirement Savings

Mike Van Wyk is the global Head of Customer Research for Capital Group. Mike has 20 years of industry experience with a focus on using behavioral research to generate insights that drive business growth. Mike joined Capital Group in 2015 after a 17-year career with Procter & Gamble. At P&G, Mike had a wide-ranging career experiences with progressively higher levels of responsibility. At P&G, Mike led consumer insight teams for Health Care, Beauty Care, and Western Europe, as well as the global consumer research capabilities for Behavioral Science, Advanced Analytics and Strategy Development.

Mike holds a B.S from Michigan State University, a DBA from the Fox School of Business, and a MBA from the University of Texas at Austin. He currently resides in Valencia, California.