Luci Rainey
SVP of Consumer Marketing


Luci is Senior Vice President of Consumer Marketing at the Comcast Corporate Office in Philadelphia. In her role, she oversees corporate marketing strategy development and implementation for new customer acquisition, current customer upgrade and loyalty, new product marketing, home security and multi-cultural promotions and programs. She is also responsible for strategy and development of Comcast’s marketing automation platforms which include CRM, campaign analytics and other marketing tools and technologies designed to make marketing to customers more cost-effective and efficient. Before joining Comcast, Luci held marketing and customer service management roles at companies including Charter Communications, DIRECTV and PacifiCare. She holds a bachelor of arts in journalism from Indiana University and is a graduate of 2015 CTAM Cable Executive Management Program, 2015 Next Marketing 50 Leadership Program and the WICT Betsy Magness Leadership program. In 2016, she was also elected to the Executive Board of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA). As a leader, she has a passion for talent development and marketing education. She is involved in guest lecturing on marketing at Boston College, Temple University, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania as well as various conferences.