Kejo Swingler
Director, Warner Media


Kejo Clark is a director in the media technology department at Warner Media. Her job responsibilities include new venture planning, technology operations, content aggregation, digital media production and global distribution. In addition, she oversees administration and operations for original programming content on worldwide media platforms including television, electronic sell through, mobile, internet and subscription video on demand; and serves as a lead stakeholder for corporate software development initiatives. Previously, Kejo worked in Interstitial Media Planning, Commercial Operations, & On-Air Continuity at several companies including Showtime Networks, NBC Cable and USA Networks. Kejo has over 20 years experience in broadcast and media. Kejo earned an MA in media studies at New School University and a BA in journalism and mass media from Rutgers University. She received a Certificate in Women’s Leadership from the Harvard Business School Executive Education Program. She has volunteered with Habitat for Humanity and the nonprofit Healing & Helping Women In Our Communities. Kejo currently resides in New Jersey with her two children. Her hobbies include spin classes, creative writing and meditating. She loves to encourage people to be the best in all that they do, love unconditionally, smile often and always keep an optimistic outlook in life.