Jean Wilcox
Assistant Professor
Non-tenure Track
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Dr. Jean Wilcox brings over 25 years of professional experience in marketing and international business to her classroom. Dr. Wilcox has a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Chicago and began her career as a technical specialist for Xerox Corporation. She quickly moved in to the marketing field after participating in an executive management program at Simmons college.

Her work with Xerox took her frequently to Japan where she developed a deep interest in cross cultural communication and it’s impact of marketing decisions. In her corporate career Dr. Wilcox specialized in strategic planning and brand management. She has published a book on brand management, (Abullard’s ABC’s of Branding, ISBN 0-9745612-0-7) and continues to consult on brand strategy implementation. In January 2010, she initiated the 10-10-10 Project(TM) in which students work on a real world social entrepreneurship project in additional to academic classwork.

Sample Publications

  • The Impact Of Hofstede’s Uncertainty Avoidance Index On A National Culture’s Ability To Manage Change, Journal of Global Business and International Management, July 2013
  • Changing Social Media Behaviors of Millennial College Students, Conference of the American Educators Marketing Conference, September 2012
  • Hofstede Cultural Variables and Change Management, Journal of Global Business and International Management, July 2012
  • The 10-10-10 Proejcts: An Experiment in Social Entrepreneurship, Decision Line, May 2011
  • AbuLLard’s ABCs of Branding – 26 concepts that capture the essence of good brand management. Jean Wilcox and E. Jane Cameron with Don Hanes and Gary Kopervas, ©2003


  • Entrepreneurial Marketing M3505
  • International Marketing 3553

In the News

  • The Power Of Ten, Entrepreneurial marketing class multiplies donations, and awareness, for charities. Fox Focus, Fall 2012