Elaina DeHoratius
Small Business Development Center (SBDC)
Business Consultant


From 2018 – 2019, Elaina worked at Temple’s SBDC as a Graduate Assistant and joined Temple’s SBDC as a Business Consultant in March 2020. She has been in the consulting field for the past few years, but has experience working in and with nonprofits, custom brokerage firms, market research facilities, and financial institutions in departments such as Organizational Effectiveness, Talent Management, Legal, Compliance, and Risk. She has experience counseling and working with entrepreneurs, with business plan creation and development, and with conducting and providing customized industry, market, and competitor research/analyses. She graduated from Temple University’s Fox School of Business Honors program with a BBA in Human Resource Management and International Business, with a concentration in Entrepreneurship, and holds an MS in Globalization and Development Communication from Temple University’s Klein College of Media and Communication and a MS in Digital Innovation in Marketing from Temple University’s Fox School of Business.