Dwight Carey
Associate Professor
Non-tenure Track
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Dwight Carey started his first business immediately after receiving his undergraduate degree over 55 years ago and founding and running 17 national and international corporations, LLCs and partnerships. Those companies are in service, engineering, robotics, support systems and factory automation industries. One of these companies, American Productivity Group, LLC, Prof. Carey is its Managing Member and President, is a joint venture with Samsung Electronics Corp.

In addition to founding and running companies he sits on domestic and international boards and was a member of the Committee for Monetary Research and Education and an active member of the von Mises Institute at Auburn University, His graduate studies have been both in the Harvard Business School’s Case Study Program and is a former member of the James Madison Society at Princeton University. He has been awarded the Congressional Business Man of the Year for 2003, 04, 05 and 06, 2005 winner of the Ronald Reagan Gold Medal for Outstanding Business Leadership, winner of the Congressional Order of Merit, twice awarded the medals for Business Leadership, awarded the Technology Partner Award by Specialty Publishing for co-developing a new robotic control system and in 2013 listed by 3DStartups as one of the top 25 Entrepreneurial Educators in the world. His writings appear in magazines, book reviews and book chapters and has published five Primases that are used as course text books. Currently one of the Boards that he sits on and is its pro-tem CEO is CardioCorp, LLC. a Boston Based medical device company involved with the creation of a new surgically inserted heart artery pumping system. Its goal is save the lives of persons who are going into cardiac arrest. Another is Mali Traders, Inc. a Mali, West African rice enrichment, procurement, packaging and distribution company. Another is Biomaterix, LLC. a Ovarian Cancer Menstrual blood test device. Another SONTEFA Energy, LLC. chosen as one of the top 50 Entrepreneurs in Africa. All four were created/invented and run by his former students. They are among hundreds of ventures that were founded and run by his former students.

At Temple University, Prof. Carey teaches in the Engineering School and the Fox School of Business, both undergraduate and graduate courses and mentorships. He was presented The Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Foundation Award for Distinguished Teaching and the Andrisani-Frank Award for Outstanding Teaching, He sat on the Board of Advisors for the Innovation and Enterprise Consultum, the Writing Intensive and various other committees. He was chosen to create and coach the CIBER International Business Plan Completion at Ohio State University. His coached students have won more than 88 1st, 2nd and Grand Prize competitions with financial awards totaling more than one million dollars. Has taught 127 courses at Temple. (includes 4 courses for the Fall 2019 semester.) In 2018 a student award was created in his honor “The Dwight Carey Award for Superior Student Involvement”.

Sample Publications

  • O’Reilly, B., Carey, D. N. (June, 2007). Profits from Polyester. Fortune Magazine.
  • See CV for full list of publications

Awards and Honors

  • Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Foundation Award for Distinguished Teaching
  • Andrisani-Frank Award for Outstanding Teaching
  • Congressional Business Man of the Year (4x)
  • The “Dwight Carey Award for Superior Student Involvement” was created in my honor.
  • Listed as 1 of the top 25 Entrepreneurial Educators in the world by 3D Startups
  • Senior Fellow, Temple Univ.
  • Dean’s Teaching Fellow, Temple Univ.
  • Senior Entrepreneur in Residence, Temple University
  • Congressional Businessman of the Year (4X)
  • Ronald Reagan Gold Medal for Outstanding Business Leadership and others
  • 3 Crystal Apples for distinguished service, Temple. Univ.


  • Advanced Entrepreneurship (capstone)
  • Entrepreneurial Engineering
  • Global Business Policies (capstone)
  • Strategic Business Planning (capstone)
  • “Launch a Venture in 100 Days”

In the News

  • Phila Inquirer regular interviews
  • Full show interview on the Joey Reynolds Show, WOR AM, Time Warner Communications
  • Creator and Moderator the TUTV show “High Flying Owls”
  • JoongAng Media Conglomerate, South Korea Guest TV appearance “How to Become a Successful Entrepreneur”
  • Appearing in the 13 part TV series “Honey Child”