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Management Information Systems
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David Schuff is Research Professor and Chair of the Department of Management Information Systems. David’s research interests include the application of information visualization to decision support systems, tools for self-service business intelligence, and the impact of user-generated content on organizations and society. David has published over 50 refereed journal articles, book chapters, and conference proceedings. His work has appeared in numerous journals, including Management Information Systems Quarterly, Decision Sciences, Decision Support Systems, Information & Management, Communications of the ACM, IEEE Computer, AIS Transactions on Human-Computer Interaction, and Information Systems Journal.

David was the founding Academic Director of the Fox School’s Executive Doctorate in Business Administration. The centerpiece of the program is an innovative, personalized mentoring experience beginning in the first year and continuing throughout the program. The program graduated its first class in May 2017.

He is also the creator and organizer of the Temple Analytics Challenge, an annual University-wide data analytics and visualization competition. The national version of this challenge is run through the Association for Information Systems at their annual Student Chapter Leadership Conference; in 2017 David received the Fox School IMPACT award for developing those competitions. David also created Temple University’s first General Education course in Data Science; in 2015 he received the Teradata University Network Teaching Innovation Award for the course.

David has taught in the BBA, MBA, Executive MBA programs in Colombia and Japan, and the Executive DBA program. He teaches courses in data analytics, information systems strategy, process design and improvement, and application development. David received the MIS Department’s teaching award 13 times (most recently in 2016) and in 2013 received Temple’s Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching. In 2014, he received the Fox School Musser Award for Excellence in Teaching. In 2018 he received the Executive DBA Faculty of the Year Award and in 2007 he received the MBA Faculty of the Year award. In 2019 David received Temple University’s Great Teacher Award.

David holds a BA in Economics from the University of Pittsburgh, an MBA from Villanova University, an MS in Information Management from Arizona State University, and a Ph.D. in Business Administration from Arizona State University.

Sample Publications

  • “Enabling Self-Service BI: A Methodology and a Case Study for a Model Management Warehouse,” with Karen Corral, Robert St. Louis, and Greg Schymik. Information Systems Frontiers, 2018, 20(2), 275-288.
  • “The Benefits and Costs of Using Metadata to Improve Enterprise Document Search,” with Karen Corral, Robert St. Louis, and Greg Schymik. Decision Sciences, 2015, 46(6), 1049-1075.
  • “Comparing the Understandability of Alternative Data Warehouse Schemas: An Empirical Study,” with Karen Corral and Ozgur Turetken. Decision Support Systems, 2011, 52(1), 9-20.
  • “Web 2.0 and Politics: The 2008 U.S. presidential election and an e-politics research agenda,” with Sunil Wattal, Munir Mandviwalla, and Christine Williams. MIS Quarterly, 2010, 34(4), 669-688.
  • “Designing Systems that Support the Blogosphere as a Public Sphere,” with Ozgur Turekten and Zaheeruddin Asif. AIS Transactions on Computer Human Interaction, 2010, 2(3), 95-111.
  • “What makes a helpful online review? A Study of Customer Reviews on Amazon.com,” with Susan Mudambi. MIS Quarterly, 2010, 34(1), 185-200.

Awards and Honors

  • 2019, Temple University Great Teacher Award (University)
  • 2018, Executive Doctorate in Business Administration Faculty of the Year Award (School)
  • 2016, MIS Full-time Teacher of the Year Award (Department)
  • 2015, Teradata University Network Teaching Innovation Award, at the 4th Annual Business Analytics Congress
  • 2014, Musser Award for Excellence in Teaching (School)
  • 2014, MIS Full-Time Teacher of the Tear
  • 2013, Lindback Foundation Award for Distinguished Teaching
  • 2010, MIS Department Faculty Leadership Award


Fox School of Business, Temple University

  • Data Analytics (undergraduate)
  • Business Intelligence (graduate)
  • Process Improvement and Innovation (graduate)

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