David R. Devereaux


David R. Devereaux believes in marketplace mobility. “What I see today in my role with young people is that they’re anchored to geography, and it’s career-ending,” he said. He speaks from experience, having traveled all around the country as he grew his career from a nursing home housekeeper to COO at a national medical services and facilities company. From his hometown of Scranton, Penn., Mr. Devereaux has moved more than nine times for his job—and his mobility has paid off.

Mr. Devereaux is currently the COO at Villa Healthcare. He’s also a co-owner of Express Transportation Holdings, LLC, and an investor and director for a Chicago-based company that created WoundRounds, a web-based solution that aims to improve the process of wound care management. With a passion for healthcare gleaned from his mother, a nurse, and sharpened over 40 years in the field, Mr. Devereaux has seen the industry change. “The tools that we use today were unimaginable 40 years ago in terms of technology, and information has made us smarter and have provided us with information faster,” he says. And although technology has had an immense impact on healthcare, and the way employers and consumers interact with each other, he knows that one constant will remain: “There will always be people who don’t have the means to be able to live independently, and they’ll need nursing homes, assisted living facilities, etc.” he said. “Rules, regulations, and payments change, but at the center of the healthcare industry, there will always be a need, and that’s care.” An endless barrage of emails come through Mr. Devereaux’s phone every day, and he notes that his prior experiences working for publicly held companies has added dimensions to an already complicated job. There’s a constant need for access and responsiveness. He does his best to stay communication-current, and to also take care of himself. “If you don’t balance your life, you will not be able to perform over the long run,” he said. “If you’re not taking care of yourself, you are not taking care of your employer either.” Retiring at the age of 44 allowed Mr. Devereaux the luxury of starting to give back earlier than expected. To honor his mother, who has worked in healthcare for over 50 years, he made a gift of $1.5 million to endow the David R. Devereaux Chair in Nursing at Temple University’s College of Health Professions. “So many people asked me: ‘Dave, why don’t you wait until you’re dead to do this?’” he said. “Well, how do you enjoy it when you’re dead? I will never regret the gesture, or the timing.”

Temple University Degree
Master of Business Administration ’84, Fox School of Business

Title & Company
Chief Operating Officer, Villa Healthcare

Temple University Awards & Affiliations

  • Member, President’s Advisory Board
  • Distinguished Alumni Award, 2012
  • Chairperson, Chicago Alumni Club 2008-10
  • Chair, Board of Visitors – College of Health Professions and Social Work, 2006-14