Daniel Isaacs
Risk, Actuarial Science, and Legal Studies
Associate Professor
Non-tenure Track
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Daniel M. Isaacs is an Associate Professor of Instruction in Legal Studies at the Fox School of Business. He teaches Business Ethics, Corporate Governance, Contracts, Sustainability in Business, and Legal and Regulatory Environment of Business courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. His research interests focus on normative legal studies, corporate governance, and business ethics.  

In private practice, Daniel represented financial institutions in contract disputes arising out of loan origination agreements and underlying residential real estate transactions. Daniel’s professional experience also includes a large New York bank, where he served as Counsel, and the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, where he served as a law clerk. Daniel holds a Bachelor’s degree in Government from Franklin & Marshall College, Master’s degrees in Education and Environmental Studies from the University of Pennsylvania, and a J.D. from Brooklyn Law School.


  • When Government Contractors May or May Not Spend Money On Political Speech (Journal of Business Ethics, June 2018) link
  • A Market Approach to Billboard Light (Real Estate Law Journal, Spring 2017) (with Michael Valenza)
  • The Use of Economics in Defense of GM’s Decisions not to Fix Faulty Ignition Switches Demonstrates that Economics Is Not a Moral Theory (University of Connecticut Law Rev. Online April 2015)
  • Rebalancing Current Limitations Periods to Reflect a Society that Values its Members as Much as their Money (Stetson Law Review, Spring 2015)
  • An Unexpected Friend Liberalism’s Response to Corporate Political Spending (Suffolk University Law Review, April 2014)
  • Hypothetical Efficiency is Not Grounds for Breach (West Virginia Law Review, Oct. 2013)

Invited Talks

  • Innovation Workshop for Executive Officers of SEPTA (Pennsylvania), NJT (New Jersey), MTA (New York), CTA (Chicago), CTDOT(Connecticut), MBTA (Massachusetts), METRA (Chicago), TTC (Toronto) “Working Together to Build the Best Transit Systems in the World and for the World” April 25, 2018.
  • ​​”Supporting Ethical Decisions for Yourself and Your Staff,” The Gift of Life Executive Ethics Training, October 5, 2017.
  • “Does Zero Risk Tolerance Minimize Risk​,”​ United States Federal Reserve Bank National Education Program​, ​May 10, 2016​.
  • ​”The Importance of Educating Future Business Leaders Beyond Citizens United​,”​ NYU Stern School of Business Roundtable, February 2015.