Ansar Kassim
Head of Consumer Analytics, Verizon.


Ansar Kassim is the Head of Consumer Analytics at Verizon. In this role, his team guides business decisions for the company based on data driven insights. Prior to this role, he was responsible for development, operations and customer adoption of digital properties at Verizon. He was the Chief Architect of omni-channel transformation and spearheaded the development of a large self-service mobile app that attracted industry-leading user adoption.
Prior to Verizon, he held multiple leadership roles at Virtusa Corporation and Wipro Technologies. At Virtusa, he was the Global Head of Mobile Solutions, where he helped his clients transform their Digital landscape to succeed in a Mobile First world.
He has filed several patents and is now focusing his research on applying Artificial Intelligence to guide business decisions. Ansar earned his BS in Engineering from University of Kerala and completed his MBA from the University of Warwick.