Anmol Gupta


School: Fox School of Business 2020
Major: Finance
Company: Reels on Wheels

What is your hometown?

Mumbai, India

What are your hobbies?

Travel-photography helped me find my idea. I am also a part-time mountaineer, professional soccer player, and am very passionate about kickboxing, Formula 1 and chess.

What is your favorite food?

Traditional Indian, Italian and Arabic cuisines

What business stage is your company?

Reels on Wheels is in its initial development stages and growing rapidly with a set of tremendous opportunities.

What inspired you to start your own company — especially a company with a social impact?

Travelling helped me realize that I am blessed with a lifestyle that billions of people just imagine. I saw the pain that a rural farmer goes through each and every day. I wanted to help them and this is when I was struck with the idea of helping rural communities in the world. With the help of my parents, I started developing Reels on Wheels.

How has your company made an impact on society?

Reels on Wheels serves two populations — rural communities in third world countries, as well as corporations and government agencies that need to communicate with people living in rural settings. Rural communities are entertained and informed for free while corporations and government agencies have a captive audience for their products, messaging and collection of raw data.

The benefit to rural communities is not only free products, connection to the world outside, and free entertainment. There is a large social impact component where rural communities have access to government policy information (medications and vaccinations).

What has been your greatest challenge?

Going to classes and managing my business overseas is a big challenge. Massive ground work involved and bad weather conditions also make functioning difficult.

Can you explain your experience competing in the IEI competitions?

IEI’s Be Your Own Boss Bowl has given me a platform to showcase my idea. My mentors and professors have been very helpful. The competition took a lot of work and time starting from the business plan to the 10-minute presentation. After weeks of working, I was lucky enough to win the social impact track of the BYOBB.

Who is your idol and why?

Manoj Bhargava, the founder and CEO of Innovations Ventures LLC, the company known for producing the 5-hour Energy drink. The “Billions in Change” initiative started by him focuses on getting useful inventions to the unlucky half of the world, enabling people to obtain basic needs like electricity, clean water, nutritious food, and effective healthcare.

What advice would you give to budding entrepreneurs?

Keep going. Don’t be afraid to fail. Find a mentor who can guide you through business, as well as life.

What’s next for you and your business?
India is just a head start, but the world is our business place. There are still 1.2 billion underprivileged people living in the dark. We plan to expand and make this world a better place. The best is yet to come.